26th Annual Burke/Fairfax CROP Hunger Walk

Sunday, November 18, 2018 at 2:00 p.m.

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CROP History

1946 Church World Service (CWS) was established with 17 denominations working together to fight hunger.

CROP (Christian Rural Overseas Program) began, growing out of the fields of middle America, in response to the needs of hungry and suffering people in post-World War II Europe and Asia. CROP's original mission was to collect food commodities -- primarily grain -- and ship them overseas, using trains, boats, and eventually planes.

From its inception, rural grain canvasses were the lifeblood of CROP fundraising.

1947-51 CROP was jointly sponsored by Church World Service, the Catholic Rural Life Conference, and Lutheran World Relief.
1952 CROP reverted to Church World Service, its original sponsor.

The first CROP Hunger Walk was held on October 17 in Bismarck, ND, raising $25,000 with a thousand people walking 25 miles.

With much success, CROP Hunger Walks gradually replaced the rural grain canvasses for fundraising.

1970's With a shift from a rural agricultural focus to a suburban/urban base, CROP became simply the Community Hunger Appeal of Church World Service.
1991 CROP Hunger Walks raised more than $3 million for local food banks.
1993 The first Burke Area CROP Hunger Walk was held on November 21, 1993. Sixty-three walkers raised $1,582.
1997 By 1997, participation in the Burke CROP Hunger Walk had increased to 270 walkers and the money raised was up to $10,870.
2003 As of the 11th Burke Area CROP Hunger Walk, walkers had raised over $106,000, with over $26,600 going to local hunger fighting efforts.
2007 In its 15th year, Burke Area CROP Walkers raised $20,216 to feed the hungry in the local area and around the world.
2011 A record year for the Burke Walk: approximately 280 walkers raised $24,534, with over $2,700 going to local hunger fighting efforts.
2012 The Burke Area CROP Hunger Walk celebrated 20 years of neighbors in local communities coming together to make a positive difference to people in need, both near and far.
2013 Another record-breaking year for the Burke Walk!! Some 370 walkers raised over $39,000, with over $9,700 helping hungry people in our own local community.
2015 By its 23rd year, Burke Area CROP Walkers had raised over $400,000, which enabled thousands of people to take hold of their own lives and futures, filling them with a sense of possibility and promise.
2016 Neighbors in Burke and surrounding communities continued to do amazing things -- raising a record $42,071 for the Burke Walk with over $10,500 helping local neighbors in need.

In the Last 24 Years

  • more than 6,200 Burke area CROP Walkers raised over $450,000
  • $113,000 of that 24-year total helped to fight hunger locally

A complete history of the Burke Area CROP Hunger Walk lists the annual details from 1993 to 2016.

As CROP Hunger Walks have enjoyed continued success, they have become vital, interfaith community-wide events -- an opportunity for people from throughout a community to come together to help neighbors in need around the block and around the world.

Adapted from the Church World Service “Service” magazine, Fall 2007. Read the complete article.